Our Mission & Vision

At Kentucky BioScience, our mission is to deliver the purest, trackable quality CBD oils and pharmaceutical grade isolates. Our goal is to help millions of people relieve suffering from chronic pain, arthritis, depression, insomnia and anxiety, while promoting healthy aging and living through natural nutrient-rich products and cosmeceuticals.

Who We Are

Kentucky BioScience International was founded in the fall of 2018 by husband and wife team Robert Huttick and Tami Maria O’Dell. The couple’s interest in CBD oil increased after a car accident in which Huttick was injured. Huttick found he could relieve his pain through natural means rather than taking medications. With family in the area, and a state that supports hemp farming, the team decided to base the company in Kentucky. O’Dell serves as President of Kentucky BioScience, and Huttick is the CEO.

New & Emerging Markets

New markets are opening with regard to hemp-based products. Though requiring stringent quality control and transparency, Kentucky BioScience has found diverse fields to serve:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Cosmetics
  • Food & Beverages
  • Hair Growth
  • Health, Well-being & Nutrition

Industry Challenges

The hemp industry experiences challenges as it begins to grow. These challenges are summarized below:

  • Exploding Demand
  • Massive Supply Shortage
  • Inconsistent Quality of CBD Products
  • Lack of “Chain of Custody” Controls
  • Lack of Transparency from Grower to Buyer
  • National Supply to Global Expansion

Our Strategy

Kentucky BioScience believes is can overcome these challenges by creating a vertically integrated, controlled supply chain for hemp derived CBD, Pharmaceutical grade isolates and distillates:

  • Seed Genetics – Below .3% THC; Highest Percentage CBD
  • Best Practices in Farm Management
  • Drying/Extraction Facility close to Local Farmers
  • Advanced Manufacturing Methods and Lab Techniques
  • Shipping Cost Reduction via Rail Spur Transportation
  • Strategic Collaborations – B2B and Academic
  • Track and Trace Technology

Our goal is to deliver the purest, trackable quality CBD oils and pharmaceutical grade isolates.